office3FEA understands how critical finding the right match can be for your organization. We adopt a comprehensive process of fully screening, interviewing, qualifying, testing and performing reference-checks to ensure that all candidates will be able to exceed your company’s job specifications and corporate culture expectations.

At FEA, our team of consultants are trained to go the extra mile to understand in detail what your employment needs are by having insights of the industry and recruitment trends along with giving you sound advice and also innovating new sourcing methods to acquire talents suitable for your organization so that we are able to provide the high standards all employers deserve.

We have identified that the biggest issue with recruitment is that the interest of an employer and a candidate is different.

Employers want people who are capable, willing to work (especially under pressure), willing to take responsibility, proactive, and loyal at containable cost.

Job seekers want good package, benefits, opportunity to advance and learn new skills, respect, and job security. In many ways, the interest conflicts with each other.

However, if we consider this from a higher level as a business, both parties share the values of a greater good. It is possible that candidate get the things he/she wants where company satisfies its need in business growth. It is obvious that company shall only survive because of the people who deliver the products or services. If this could be done, that is a win-win.

However, even we all know the old saying “put the right people in the right places”, it is hard to accomplish that. Sometimes in-house human resource just do not have enough resources to do it right. Sometimes it is just inappropriate for a company human resource to perform. No matter for what reasons, many companies seek help from outside. They pay for the services of people screening, recommendation, or in a word recruiting. That is where the search firms are from. Professional search firms have the industry knowledge and by nature are easier to approach candidates as a third party. Such agency services give great flexibility to the employers.

Thus, the rule of game now involves more than two parties. It is the ultimate goal that right people be put into the right places at the right time. Our objective is to act as an arm to the in-house human resource and help company find the right candidates within the desired time frame. Search firms always can do it in a broader scope and in faster pace. It would be a triple win when a successful placement takes place. Our goal is to positively impact your organization and its bottom line financial goals.

Recruitment Made Efficient

While it’s true that no two searches are alike, We have developed an approach to recruitment that’s designed to keep you “in the loop” and to make the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

From the outset, FEA works with you to set specific goals and expectations. FEA helps you define the position and establish criteria for the qualities of a successful candidate. We also use this time to learn about your corporate culture to ensure that candidates are a good fit personally and professionally.
Based on the agreed upon search criteria, FEA develops an overall recruitment strategy. This strategy typically identifies organizations, industry connections, opportunities, known candidates, and other factors important to the process—as well as establishes projected timelines.
Using a variety of interview and screening techniques, FEA determines the suitability of potential candidates for your position. FEA then selects the top candidates who most closely match the search criteria.
Throughout the process, FEA provides summary reports on all screened candidates until the finalist is chosen. These reports compare prospects to the search criteria and provide an assessment of their overall strengths and weaknesses.
FEA arranges interviews between you and the candidates. Following each interview, FEA then debriefs both parties to gauge mutual interest and assess the likelihood of a successful placement.
FEA performs background and reference checks on the finalist using references provided by the candidate as well as other industry sources. You can also put FEA’s knowledge of industry compensation levels and trends to work for you during the negotiation and offer stage. And as always, FEA remains available throughout to answer questions and guide you to appropriate resources.

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FAITH Recruitment Process

Faith Recruitment Process