Who We Are

Our team has been committed to helping clients find the right talent needed to succeed in various industries.

We are not only driven to achieve superior performance, but are also open and up front with our clients and we continuously strive to improve the service quality and the management processes.

What makes us DIFFERENT is we LISTEN to our client’s needs, coupled with a stringent qualifying criteria to provide them with the most ideal candidate.

What We Do

Aligning ourselves with our core values and giving realistic & honest advice that achieves results.

Our recruitment process involves a number of steps, all created so that once a candidates is presented to you, you can be assured that he/she has the relevant qualifications and attributes and necessary skills and experience for your consideration. While it is our desire to expedite your interview process, our objective is to do so with value and professionalism for your company.

To achieve optimal results, our consultants will personally follow up with each company after every successful placement to ensure our service levels and processes are regularly reviewed to ensure best industry practice standards.


How We Do It

Every job order that we receive from our clients, it will begin with an in-depth consultation to identify the specific requirements of the position. Not only including the functions and requirements but other attributes such as corporate culture and other nuances that will provide us with a broader picture of your company’s needs.

Once finalized after discussing, we will tailor a search profile specific to your position. Rather than post your information through generic sources and wait for responses, we actively contact shortlisted individuals and discuss the opportunity at hand and assess their active interest. Through our continued dialog with you, we will be able to further understand the likes and dislikes so that the resume submitted meet your criteria. By the time you received a resume from us, we’ve done most of the preliminary assessment aligned to your criteria.

We conduct and supply you with a great deal of supplemental information before the first interview. This will only save you time and money. We will be walking through the entire process of recruitment, providing feedback on interviews, conducting reference checks and negotiation of annual packages ensuring a smooth process from sourcing to on-boarding of the candidate.